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Symphonic Songs
Ragnar Grippe
Symphonic Songs
Dais Records
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January 1981
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Dais Records (Sonoio, William S. Burroughs) issue this previously-unreleased collection from Swedish composer Ragnar Grippe. Symphonic Songs was created some time between Grippe’s 1977 LPs Sand/Electronic Composition and 1981’s Lost Secrets. Stylistically the lengthy entries here are closer to the 1977 stuff than Grippe’s later forays into no-wave disco. These sprawling compositions twist synthesisers into strange shapes in a manner that clearly draws on the musique concrete of Karlheinz Stockhausen. At points Grippe also blends in the serialism of Arnold Schoenberg as well as a ghost of Midori Takada’s post-minimalist experiments. Symphonic Songs is a crucial new entry in Grippe’s catalogue.

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  1. 1 Part I () 18:08 Ragnar Grippe Buy
  2. 2 Part II () 23:26 Ragnar Grippe Buy
  3. 3 Part III () 22:08 Ragnar Grippe Buy
  4. 4 Part IV () 19:13 Ragnar Grippe Buy

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