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Holy Ghost Zone
Holy Ghost Zone
Holy Ghost Zone
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January 2019
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Londoner-in-Los-Angeles Budgie drops new collection Holy Ghost Zone. This is a collection of plush hip-hop beats that recall the heyday of chipmunk soul. The instrumentals here luxuriate in expensive-sounding samples and gently coasting drums, and many of them will have you wondering when a young Jigga or Yeezy is going to steam through with an all-conquering verse. The hazy, slightly psychedelic quality to cuts like ‘Who U Were’ also nod to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly.

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  1. 1 Lead Me 0:30 Budgie
  2. 2 Depend On U 0:30 Budgie
  3. 3 Sometimes 0:30 Budgie
  4. 4 Never Alone 0:30 Budgie
  5. 5 Want 2 Love U 0:30 Budgie
  6. 6 Who U Were 0:30 Budgie
  7. 7 4 Your Service 0:30 Budgie
  8. 8 Higher 0:30 Budgie
  9. 9 Feed Me 0:30 Budgie
  10. 10 Truly Say 0:30 Budgie
  11. 11 Joy 0:30 Budgie
  12. 12 Coming Soon Tied Up 0:30 Budgie
  13. 13 Every Day 0:30 Budgie
  14. 14 Wave My Hand 0:30 Budgie
  15. 15 Brand New Day 0:30 Budgie



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