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Dark Matter
Pablo's Eye
Dark Matter
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January 2019
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A little context - Pablo’s Eye was a loose collective of musicians, headed by the Brussels-based Axel Libeert, who initially operated throughout the late-80s and 90s. The band has been resurrected in the past couple of years, and to commemorate the Pablo’s Eye renaissance the excellent Stroom label have released a trio of compilations intended to showcase the choicest cuts from the first age of Pablo’s Eye. Here we have the third and final installment, Dark Matter. As with 2018 collections Bardo For Pablo and Spring Break, Dark Matter is another eerily beautiful set of tracks. Pablo’s Eye’s combination of new age, ambient, dub techno and Balearic house acts a precursor to so many of the current crop of left-of-centre electronic acts.

  1. 1 Worship & Passion Pablo's Eye 1:06
  2. 2 More Hesitant Than Before Pablo's Eye 2:00
  3. 3 Different Observers Pablo's Eye 2:00
  4. 4 She Would Stand Alone Pablo's Eye 0:23
  5. 5 He Closed His Eyes Pablo's Eye 1:20
  6. 6 When You Were Asleep Pablo's Eye 0:41
  7. 7 LA Desert Pablo's Eye 1:25
  8. 8 She Told Him The News Pablo's Eye 2:00
  9. 9 Tamil Nadu Pablo's Eye 2:00
  10. 10 A Pagan Use Pablo's Eye 2:00
  11. 11 Out Of The Corner Of Her Eye Pablo's Eye 1:07
  12. 12 Loisaida Dub Pablo's Eye 0:54

Pablo's Eye



Experimental and Noise


Vinyl Reissue

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