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EDM vol.1
Jodey Kendrick
EDM vol.1
DUB Recordings
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February 2019
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Jodey Kendrick joins Versalife, Kettel and Aleksi Perala on the Clone Dub Recordings roster with the first volume of his EDM series. From acid in the style of AFX, fully functional electro and all manner of moves to make your Braindance, EDM vol.1 is sure to entertain any and all devotees of the Jodey's time-honoured Rephlex catalogue…

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  1. 1 Lo Pan 6:51 Jodey Kendrick
  2. 2 (CAPS) 6:12 Jodey Kendrick
  3. 3 Sister Ruth III 5:42 Jodey Kendrick
  4. 4 Signal From Inside 2:40 Jodey Kendrick
  5. 5 Submerged Pulsar 4:49 Jodey Kendrick
  6. 6 Deep Mum 4:01 Jodey Kendrick
  7. 7 Heidi Kann Brauchen 3:58 Jodey Kendrick
  8. 8 Googol 5:39 Jodey Kendrick
  9. 9 Dyna 4 4:50 Jodey Kendrick
  10. 10 TBS1 4:28 Jodey Kendrick
  11. 11 Antic Live 4:11 Jodey Kendrick

DUB Recordings

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