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Throughout 2018, Folklore Tapes toured an exhibition of thirty-eight new artefacts based around missing objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Cornwall. The Art Of Magic collects together recordings from ten live performances from across the land featuring spellbound recordings from among other performers, David Chatton Barker, Mary Stark, Sam McLoughlin, Carl Turney and Bridget Hayden...

With each stop that the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic exhibition made, the on-site artists created a performance based around audio, live projection and theatrical sensory immersion. Across 170 minutes, The Art Of Magic collates a surreal improvised soundtrack of folk, noise, dark ambient that at times recalls the early recordings of Nurse With Wound and Anworth Kirk, all bound up in a silent winter night sky.

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  1. 1 Art Of Magic - Part 1 Various Artists 43:53
  2. 2 Art Of Magic - Part 2 Various Artists 38:43
  3. 3 Art Of Magic - Part 3 Various Artists 45:42
  4. 4 Art Of Magic - Part 4 Various Artists 43:33

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