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Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys
Paul's Boutique
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December 2018
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Almost thirty years on from its release there is still nothing quite like Paul’s Boutique. The 1989 sophomore LP from the Beastie Boys remains a high-point for hip-hop and the art of sampling more generally. Put together at a time when artists didn’t have to worry about things like sample clearances, the NYC trio and producers The Dust Brothers had free reign to create beats from as many scavenged sounds as they wanted. It makes for an endlessly inventive and original album - and one that, for all its lofty ambition, doesn’t forget to bring the party (‘Shake Your Rump’, ‘Hey Ladies’). The best of Beck, The Avalanches and DJ Shadow can claim a direct lineage to Paul’s Boutique.

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  1. 1 To All The Girls 0:30 Beastie Boys
  2. 2 Shake Your Rump 0:30 Beastie Boys
  3. 3 Johnny Ryall 0:30 Beastie Boys
  4. 4 Egg Man 0:30 Beastie Boys
  5. 5 High Plains Drifter 0:30 Beastie Boys
  6. 6 The Sounds Of Science 0:30 Beastie Boys
  7. 7 3-Minute Rule 0:30 Beastie Boys
  8. 8 Hey Ladies 0:30 Beastie Boys
  9. 9 5-Piece Chicken Dinner 0:12 Beastie Boys
  10. 10 Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun 0:30 Beastie Boys
  11. 11 Car Thief 0:30 Beastie Boys
  12. 12 What Comes Around 0:30 Beastie Boys
  13. 13 Shadrach 0:30 Beastie Boys
  14. 14 Ask For Janice 0:11 Beastie Boys
  15. 15 B-Boy Bouillabaisse: 59 Chrystie Street/Get On The Mic/Stop That Train/A Year And A Day/Hello Brooklyn/Dropping Names/Lay It On Me/Mike On The Mic/AWOL 0:30 Beastie Boys

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