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Sylvain Chauveau
Sub Rosa
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 2019

Consisting of unreleased and unavailable piano works dating back to 2004, Pianisme documents composer and musician Sylvain Chauveau’s work for film and performance. Composed largely for French director Sébastien Betbeder, and also for dancers Serge Ricci and Christian Rizzo, Chauveau’s trademark measured pace abounds here as notably short pieces still seem to take their time before vanishing completely. Some additional discordancy in places helps create an altogether beautiful yet haunting atmosphere.

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  1. 1 P 1:10 Sylvain Chauveau
  2. 2 N 0:58 Sylvain Chauveau
  3. 3 Symptome No2 0:22 Sylvain Chauveau
  4. 4 Symptome No1 0:23 Sylvain Chauveau
  5. 5 Troubles 0:32 Sylvain Chauveau
  6. 6 Ferme Les Yeux 0:21 Sylvain Chauveau
  7. 7 Nu Devant Un Fantome I 0:35 Sylvain Chauveau
  8. 8 I Ascended 1:08 Sylvain Chauveau
  9. 9 Nu Devant Un Fantome III 1:12 Sylvain Chauveau
  10. 10 Sinon Le Vent Qui Passe 0:18 Sylvain Chauveau
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Sylvain Chauveau

Sub Rosa

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Ambient and Modern Classical

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