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bbbbbb boss Bjarki arrives on !K7 with the celebratory braindance styles of Happy Earthday, continuing the hyperactive techno/electro/drill & bass stylings of his killer three LP run for Nina Kraviz’s трип imprint.

An album focused around reflection and melancholy, Happy Earthday is heavily influenced by Bjarki's “inheritance as an Icelander” and the natural environment of his home country. Much like the output of his acclaimed bbbbbb imprint that has provided a home for fellow Braindancer's EOD, Cucumb45 and Volruptus, Bjarki's sound is one that focuses in on the 90's electronica of labels like Skam, Rephlex, Sublight and Clear, yet pushes things further into the unknown by harnessing the limitless possibilities within sound (de)construction as made available by modern-day sequencers..

Tracks like 'Alone in Sandkassi Bjarki' and '( . )_( . )' wear an evident admiration for the Analord series on their sleeve, yet the vibe is pure haunted hip-hop. While 'AN6912' and 'Salty Grautinn' excavate the inner workings of breakcore by hollowing it out, leaving a ghost in the machine metallic taste. Before 'Cereal Rudestorm' and 'Blessuð Börnin' twist up Bogdan Raczynski and Burial-like atmospheres, yet the mood remains heavy and solemn.

Happy Earthday is set to be one of the year's most memorable and melancholic examples of how to properly chop skeletal rhythms, sombre chords, downbeat drums and heavy moods.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Blessuð Börnin 2:54 Bjarki Buy
  2. 2 Alone in Sandkassi 3:08 Bjarki Buy
  3. 3 ( . )_( . ) 5:49 Bjarki Buy
  4. 4 Two-brainedness 1:26 Bjarki Buy
  5. 5 AN6912 5:35 Bjarki Buy
  6. 6 Healthy Texting 1:56 Bjarki Buy
  7. 7 Bheiv_sheep 5:36 Bjarki Buy
  8. 8 ANa5 3:11 Bjarki Buy
  9. 9 Cereal Rudestorm 5:02 Bjarki Buy
  10. 10 Salty Grautinn 2:21 Bjarki Buy
  11. 11 Sprinq 3-2 4:07 Bjarki Buy
  12. 12 Plastic Memories 4:24 Bjarki Buy
  13. 13 Lita og Leira 3:51 Bjarki Buy
  14. 14 Happy Screams 2:35 Bjarki Buy
  15. 15 UXI 5:54 Bjarki Buy


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