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Nicolas Jaar
R&S Records
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January 2019
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R&S collect together all three volumes of Nicolas Jaar's widely celebrated Nymphs series in this deluxe triple vinyl edition. Written between 2011-2015 the series saw Jaar flit between left-field electronics and expertly modified house, techno and bass chopping deviations. Released in and around the time of his recently reissued Pomegranates session, Nymphs is a precision-guided viewpoint as to why Nicolas Jaar is regarded as such an important producer, we'd go as far as saying that this set boasts some of his most crucial and deadly material to date...

Opening with 2011 high hitters 'Don't Break My Love' and 'Why Didn't You Save Me' from a near-impossible to track down 10", these two tracks show the start of Jaar's progression from crafting the sort of post-dubstep RNB electronics that saw him placed in the same circles as Mount Kimbie and James Blake, to an artist with an effortless touch at sculpting house and techno tracks with properly mind-boggling sequences. Leaving it four years until the follow up to the first chapter of the series, Nymphs II (released in 2015) showed two further sides to Jaar's sound, both furthering the avant-electronics with 'The Three Sides of Audrey and 'Why She's All Alone Now' whilst also moving towards the tranquil soundscapes of 'No One Is Looking at U'. Nymphs III arrives with two lengthy tracks, 'Swim' launched with a deep house beat, its percussion jumping between tempos while keeping a melancholy tilt in its own unique abstracted way. Whilst 'Mistress' lets the piano move to centre stage and the kick drum take a step back.

For bonus points, R&S have answered prayers by including the long-awaited vinyl cut of 'Fight', an eight-minute labyrinth of pure bass bin pressure that fractures the framework of everything that has come before it, a rich display of shattered drums and caustic electronics that amounts to the the deadliest Jaar track to date and acting as a closer to this essential set.

Nymphs is an essential addition to any record collection no matter what your flavour, and just like the original 12"s this triple set is sure not to stick around for long...

  1. 1 Don’t Break My Love (Providence, 2011) Nicolas Jaar 6:10
  2. 2 Why Didn’t You Save Me (Providence, 2011) Nicolas Jaar 5:00
  3. 3 The Three Sides Of Audrey (NY, 2014) Nicolas Jaar 7:30
  4. 4 No One Is Looking At U (NY, 2014) Nicolas Jaar 7:49
  5. 5 Swim (Hvar, 2013) Nicolas Jaar 13:01
  6. 6 Mistress (NY, 2013) Nicolas Jaar 4:59
  7. 7 Fight (NY, 2015) Nicolas Jaar 8:35
  8. 8 Revolver (Providence, 2011) Nicolas Jaar 5:51
  9. 9 Took Me Out (Providence, 2012) Nicolas Jaar 4:44

Nicolas Jaar

R&S Records

Electronic and Electronica

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