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Eton Alive
Sleaford Mods
Eton Alive
Extreme Eating Records
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February 2019
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Sleaford Mods’ star may have risen rapidly in the past few years, but through the changing circumstances the band have remained committed to their schtick. Sticking to their roots means that new LP Eton Alive (great title, that) is as vital as any of Sleaford Mods’ other albums. Andrew Fearn’s beats are still a cheap, nasty home-brew of grime, jungle and electro-punk, and vocalist Jason Williamson remains as eloquently furious as ever. Eton Alive is out via the pair’s newly-minted Extreme Eating Records.

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  1. 1 Into The Payzone 2:17 Sleaford Mods Buy
  2. 2 Kebab Spider 3:40 Sleaford Mods Buy
  3. 3 Policy Cream 3:29 Sleaford Mods Buy
  4. 4 O.B.C.T 4:05 Sleaford Mods Buy
  5. 5 When You Come Up To Me 3:43 Sleaford Mods Buy
  6. 6 Top It Up 2:45 Sleaford Mods Buy
  7. 7 Flipside 2:40 Sleaford Mods Buy
  8. 8 Subtraction 3:16 Sleaford Mods Buy
  9. 9 Firewall 3:22 Sleaford Mods Buy
  10. 10 Big Burt 3:20 Sleaford Mods Buy
  11. 11 Discourse 3:21 Sleaford Mods Buy
  12. 12 Negative Script 2:46 Sleaford Mods Buy

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