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Laura León
Doce Percepciones de un Silencio
Phantom Limb
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 23, 2018


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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Percepción nº1: Arthur Zerktouni 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº1: Arthur Zerktouni

  2. 2 Percepción nº2: James Vella 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº2: James Vella

  3. 3 Percepción nº3: Juan Antonio Nieto 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº3: Juan Antonio Nieto

  4. 4 Percepción nº4: Verónica Daniela Cerrotta 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº4: Verónica Daniela Cerrotta

  5. 5 Percepción nº5: Erick Calilan 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº5: Erick Calilan

  6. 6 Percepción nº6: Wirephobia 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº6: Wirephobia

  7. 7 Percepción nº7: Vinc2 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº7: Vinc2

  8. 8 Percepción nº8: Laura León 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº8: Laura León

  9. 9 Percepción nº9: Sebastián Arroyave 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº9: Sebastián Arroyave

  10. 10 Percepción nº10: Jairo Daponte 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº10: Jairo Daponte

  11. 11 Percepción nº11: Paraheilo 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº11: Paraheilo

  12. 12 Percepción nº12: Guillermo Doylet 1:30 Buy

    Percepción nº12: Guillermo Doylet

Phantom Limb

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Experimental and Noise

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