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Vital Heat
James Shinra
Vital Heat
Analogical Force
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 2018

James Shinra is becoming one of Analogical Force’s signature artists. His new LP, Vital Heat, is the third record that the British producer has dropped on the label in a little over 18 months. It appears that his brand of emotional acid/electro has struck a chord with a label whose roster also includes Brainwaltzera and Pye Corner Audio. On this new release we find Shinra leaning a little heavier on the braindance style that has always lurked in the corners of his music. Tracks such as ‘Window’ and ‘Spinet’ zip around with an energy that is nicely offset by their plaintive synths. Elsewhere ‘Ghost In The Machine’ and ‘Magikk’ feature lengthy hard club sections that soon give way to cerebral synthscapes.

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  1. 1 Quickening 2:00 James Shinra
  2. 2 Window 2:00 James Shinra
  3. 3 Portal 4B 2:00 James Shinra
  4. 4 Spinet 2:00 James Shinra
  5. 5 Magikk 2:00 James Shinra
  6. 6 Bubborn 0:42 James Shinra
  7. 7 Ghost In The Machine 2:00 James Shinra
  8. 8 Sawbones 2:00 James Shinra
  9. 9 Grainn 2:00 James Shinra
  10. 10 Far Flung 2:00 James Shinra
  11. 11 Ghostwaltz 0:46 James Shinra

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Analogical Force

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