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When Joakim Haugland began Smalltown Supersound back in 1993, his ambitions for the label were modest. Indeed, you could barely call the bedroom cassette operation Haugland was running a label at all. From such modest beginnings, Haugland’s endeavour has grown to one of the most vital and original independent imprints currently operating in Europe. With a quarter of a century gone since Haugland started up Smalltown Supersound, the time feels right for a retrospective release. Mixed by Haugland’s homie Prins Thomas, Smalltown Supersound 25 (The Movement Of Free Spirit) takes in the full scale of the label’s output - noise, Nordic disco, pop and moreover, its long and fruitful life. Here’s to another 25.

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  1. 1 Fred Astaire Session (Intro) / Orgone Donor / Soundless Cries With Their Arms in the Air / Little Sun (Mixed) 7:07 Prins Thomas
  2. 2 Hole / 13.1 / Aura in the Kitchen / 13.1 / T03 / The Movement of the Free Spirit (The 1st Movement) (Mixed) 12:47 Prins Thomas
  3. 3 Safe / Time and Place (Mixed) 2:58 Prins Thomas
  4. 4 Scena Napoletana (Mixed) 2:27 Prins Thomas
  5. 5 Dear Heart (Mixed) 3:23 Prins Thomas
  6. 6 Wyll and Purpose / Call Me Anytime (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix) / Orgone Donor / V2 Slight Return / Dronningen (Mixed) 7:32 Prins Thomas
  7. 7 Dronningen / Plym / Anything (vocal outtake) (Mixed) 4:20 Prins Thomas
  8. 8 Anything (Vocal Outtake - Mixed) 3:34 Prins Thomas
  9. 9 Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Stereolab vs High Llamas Remix) (Mixed) 4:16 Prins Thomas
  10. 10 Sleepless Nights (Mixed) 0:22 Prins Thomas
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LP mixed Tracklist:

Side A
Echo Troopers - Fred Astaire Session (intro)
Deathprod - Orgone Donor
Yoshimi & Mats Gustafsson - Soundless Cries With Their Arms In The Air
Yuichiro Fujimoto - Little Sun
Bendik Giske - Hole
Supersilent - 13.1
Biosphere - Aura In The Kitchen
Supersilent - 13.1
Elektro Nova/Electro Nova - T03
Bruce Russell - The Movement Of The Free Spirit (The 1st Movement)

Side B
Carmen Villain - Safe
Alexander Rishaug - Time And Place
Monopot - Scena Napoletana
Continental Fruit - Dear Heart
Biosphere - Wyll And Purpose
Lindstrøm - Call Me Anytime (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
Deathprod - Orgone Donor

Side C
Lindstrøm - Call Me Anytime (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
Arp - Slight Return
Deathprod - Orgone Donor
Monopot - Dronningen
Jaga Jazzist - Plym
Todd Rundgren - Anything (vocal outtake)
Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen & Hans-Peter Lindstrøm - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Stereolab vs High Llamas Remix)
120 Days - Sleepless Nights
Carmen Villain - The Moon Will Always Be There
Continental Fruit - The Moon Was My Only Witness
Mats Gustafsson & Sonic Youth - Part 3 (Contrabass Sax)

Side D
Erik Wøllo - Ody At Sea
Alexander Rishaug - Satellites
Prins Thomas - B (Sun Araw Saddle Soap Remix)
Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas - Arthur's Return (long unreleased)
Serena Maneesh - Introspection
Serena Maneesh - Leipziger Love Life (ancient mix)
Mats Gustafsson & Sonic Youth - Part 4 (Voice)
Wildest Dreams - Off The Lip

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