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The Sound of Soul LP (Themes Reissues)
Alan Parker
The Sound of Soul LP (Themes Reissues)
Be With Records
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November 2018
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Crate diggers take note - back in 1976, the KPM Themes International Library cut an LP of incidental soul entitled The Voice Of Soul. However, someone at KPM towers decided that the instrumental versions of the tracks were also worthy of release. Thus have we The Sound Of Soul. Composed largely by Alan Parker with additional tracks offered by Les Hurdle and Mike Moran, this remastered collection of funk and soul-jazz is a veritable treasure trove of samples.

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  1. 1 Love Is All 1:00 Alan Parker
  2. 2 Mr Smooth Man 1:00 Alan Parker
  3. 3 You've Got What It Takes 1:00 Les Hurdle
  4. 4 You're A Winner 1:00 Alan Parker
  5. 5 Your Smile 1:00 Alan Parker
  6. 6 Time Goes By 1:00 Mike Moran
  7. 7 Move & Shake Your Body 1:00 Alan Parker
  8. 8 Love Doctor 1:00 Mike Moran
  9. 9 Soul Clap 1:00 Alan Parker
  10. 10 Crumpet 1:00 Alan Parker
  11. 11 That's What Friends Are For 1:00 Alan Parker
  12. 12 Flying High 1:00 Alan Parker

Alan Parker

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