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A Quiet Place - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Marco Beltrami
A Quiet Place - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Death Waltz Recording Company
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November 2018
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In most classic horror films, the musical score is as much a character as anyone in it. This is something composer Marco Beltrami has understood throughout his illustrious career. It’s no surprise that Beltrami’s score for John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place is as involving as the film itself. Beltrami succeeds in striking a spectacular balance, holding and releasing tension on ‘It Hears You’ and ‘Old Man’, contrasted with uneasy tranquillity on experimental avenues like ‘A Quiet Family’.

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  1. 1 It Hears You 2:00 Marco Beltrami
  2. 2 A Quiet Family 0:59 Marco Beltrami
  3. 3 Children Of The Corn 0:44 Marco Beltrami
  4. 4 A Quiet Life 2:00 Marco Beltrami
  5. 5 The Dinner Table 0:53 Marco Beltrami
  6. 6 Something On The Roof 1:07 Marco Beltrami
  7. 7 Babyproofing/Bonfire 2:00 Marco Beltrami
  8. 8 Labor Intensive 2:00 Marco Beltrami
  9. 9 Old Man 2:00 Marco Beltrami
  10. 10 Kids Bonfire 0:49 Marco Beltrami
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Marco Beltrami

Death Waltz Recording Company

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