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Ben Lovett
Original Music From Netflix Film: The Ritual
Death Waltz Recording Company
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November 30, 2018


Netflix original The Ritual tells the story of four college friends’ camping trip to Sweden. As is to be expected in a folk horror film, things go awry when they stumble into a gruesome world of ritual sacrifice. Issued here on vinyl by Death Waltz, in association with Lakeshore Records, is the movie’s chilling score, composed by Ben Lovett; an intense ride through a dense overgrowth of screeching strings and splintering woodwinds.

  1. 1 Four Tents Ben Lovett 0:39
  2. 2 The Ritual Ben Lovett 1:04
  3. 3 Mates Ben Lovett 0:51
  4. 4 Stalker Ben Lovett 0:50
  5. 5 King's Trail Ben Lovett 2:00
  6. 6 Through The Trees Ben Lovett 2:00
  7. 7 Search For Hutch Ben Lovett 1:15
  8. 8 Dread Ben Lovett 0:57
  9. 9 Piggyback Ben Lovett 1:12
  10. 10 I Can See The End Ben Lovett 0:59
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Ben Lovett

Death Waltz Recording Company

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