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The Death Of Rave
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November 2018
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After dropping records on labels such as Computer Club and The Tapeworm, NYZ turns up on The Death Of Rave (Teresa Winter, The Sprawl) for a record of glitching electronics. SHFTR FRQ was completed over a period of six years and NYZ mastermind Dave Burraston utilised extremely pared-back setups to create the tracks here - usually nothing more than a generative programme and one or two modular units. This tends to result in short numbers characterised by microchip freakouts and unpredictable synth behaviour, but on occasion - ‘RLDGLD-compandedTAB5toned’ for instance - we get moments of eerie beauty. SHFTR FRQ ends with a locked groove, which is always fun. Fans of Eliane Radigue and EVOL should check this.

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  1. 1 NYZ-1_WDWND_SHPR_PD#6 0:34 NYZ Buy
  2. 2 SHFTR_CA#25 1:28 NYZ Buy
  3. 3 SHFTR_CA#28 0:30 NYZ Buy
  4. 4 SHFTR_CA#29 0:35 NYZ Buy
  5. 5 SHFTR_CA#36LAMBDOMA 1:57 NYZ Buy
  6. 6 SHFTR_CA#48 1:18 NYZ Buy
  7. 7 SHFTR_CA#51 1:29 NYZ Buy
  8. 8 SHFTR_CA#53 2:00 NYZ Buy
  9. 9 SHFTR_CA#BB1 1:44 NYZ Buy
  10. 10 QVTrPERC2 0:59 NYZ Buy
  11. 11 RLDGLD-compandedTAB5toned 1:52 NYZ Buy
  12. 12 PTSone-r60subtree119c31tb 0:42 NYZ Buy
  13. 13 PTSone-r60subtree119c31ta 0:59 NYZ Buy
  14. 14 NYZ-1_QVC#17 2:12 NYZ Buy
  15. 15 DRN1nightmareRecursion__Noyzelab_Extended_Version 29:51 NYZ


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