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An Introduction
Jacob Gurevitsch
An Introduction
Music For Dreams
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December 2018
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Music For Dreams (Prins Emanuel, Ruf Dug) drop a new compilation from Danish guitarist/arranger Jacob Gurevitsch. Gurevitsch is already a pretty big deal in his homeland, where his Lovers In Paris LP topped the iTunes album chart. Not without good reason, too - Gurevitsch balances a gentle flamenco-influenced guitar style with cafe jazz and a hint of contemporary classical composition to create pleasantly lilting instrumental numbers. An Introduction combines some tracks from Lovers In Paris, his Cinematica EP and forthcoming full-length In Search Of Lost Time.

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  1. 1 Lovers In Paris 4:52 Jacob Gurevitsch
  2. 2 In Search Of Lost Time   Jacob Gurevitsch
  3. 3 Mexican Margarita   Jacob Gurevitsch
  4. 4 Poesia De La Mar   Jacob Gurevitsch
  5. 5 Motivo Loco   Jacob Gurevitsch
  6. 6 Mapa De Soledad   Jacob Gurevitsch
  7. 7 Spanish Inquisition   Jacob Gurevitsch
  8. 8 Tiden Der Forstar   Jacob Gurevitsch
  9. 9 Zsa Zsa   Jacob Gurevitsch
  10. 10 If Da Vinci Was A Girl   Jacob Gurevitsch

Music For Dreams


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