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Woof Woof
Woof Woof
PLZ Make It Ruins
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November 2018
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The great toy box of pop is here spilled out all over the living room floor on ARTHUR’s debut Woof Woof. Rather than stowing away what he doesn’t need, ARTHUR fits squares into circles and forms a fabulous creation from whatever takes his fancy, extracting lyrical content from crayon-scrawled stories and everyday worries — like losing your teeth. The sun always shines in the world of Woof Woof, even if ARTHUR’s more content staying inside for wet play.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Woof Woof Arthur 1:23 Buy
  2. 2 Ivy League Arthur 3:02 Buy
  3. 3 Where's Ur Eyes Arthur 1:30 Buy
  4. 4 Julie vs. Robot Julie Arthur 1:34 Buy
  5. 5 Food Arthur 1:04 Buy
  6. 6 Sweet Memory Arthur 2:13 Buy
  7. 7 I'm Too Good Arthur 2:28 Buy
  8. 8 Snowbird Arthur 1:00 Buy
  9. 9 September Dark Planet Arthur 1:38 Buy
  10. 10 Finally I Will Know Myself Arthur 1:32 Buy
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PLZ Make It Ruins

Experimental Pop and New Wave

Alternative and Indie

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