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The Story of Valerie
Carola Baer
The Story of Valerie
Concentric Circles
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November 2018
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Freedom To Spend label co-founder Jed Bindeman was rooting through a charity shop bin in Portland, Oregon when he stumbled upon a curious cassette tape made in the 90s by an unknown artist called Carola Baer. Her sound was indebted to classic 4AD acts like Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, yet distinct in its warm, minimal arrangements for synthesisers. Released with Baer’s blessings alongside other solo works, The Story of Valerie is a lost gem lifted out of certain obscurity.

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  1. 1 Maker Of Me 1:32 Carola Baer
  2. 2 Golden Boy 2:00 Carola Baer
  3. 3 Save Me 1:29 Carola Baer
  4. 4 We Already Feel 1:26 Carola Baer
  5. 5 Springtime 0:40 Carola Baer
  6. 6 Doors Talk 2:00 Carola Baer
  7. 7 Solemn Cattle 2:00 Carola Baer
  8. 8 Nothing Left To Say 2:00 Carola Baer
  9. 9 See the Lights Again 2:00 Carola Baer
  10. 10 Dreams 2:00 Carola Baer
  11. 11 On Top of the Mountain 2:00 Carola Baer

Concentric Circles

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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