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Thabang Tabane
Mushroom Hour Half Hour
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October 2018
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Thabang Tabane has been involved with malombo music all his life. Indeed, it would be hard to avoid it when your father - one Dr. Philip Tabane - is credited as one of the pioneers of the genre. After spending many years learning from his dad, Tabane now emerges as his own artist with his debut solo LP Matjale. Tabane conducts from the percussion section here, leading his group through fusions of Hi-Life, jazz and developments on the indigenous drumming of his native South Africa. His sonorous baritone vocals soar on tracks like ‘Ke Mmone’.

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  1. 1 Richard 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  2. 2 Father & Mother 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  3. 3 Ke Mmone 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  4. 4 Ngwananga 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  5. 5 Freedom Station 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  6. 6 Bengekho 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  7. 7 Nyanda Yeni 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  8. 8 Babatshwenya 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  9. 9 Thuli (Mama) 2:00 Thabang Tabane
  10. 10 Dlanga Dlanga 2:00 Thabang Tabane


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