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Ian William Craig
FatCat Records
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November 2, 2018


Ian William Craig collects together eleven new compositions for his stunning new album 'Thresholder'.

Returning to the smudged ambience of his opus 'Centres', 'Thresholder' further explores the cobweb-like textures and ghost in the machine meanderings that have cloak his music much in a similar vein to the very best material of Fennesz, The Caretaker, William Basinski and Philip Jeck. Utilising Ian's classically-trained vocal as an instrument, he seemingly floats alongside an electronic set up that includes numerous customised tape decks, synths and a loop station to pull it all back inward. Thresholder offers a deeply immersive and textured listening experience that will instantly plunge you deep into a sound-world that hangs between a gaseous, ethereal shimmer, and a much harsher, visceral feeling of analogue abrasion. A truly stunning piece of work.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Elided 4:20 Buy
  2. 2 Some Absolute Means 5:06 Buy

    Some Absolute Means

  3. 3 TC-377 Poem 2:46 Buy
  4. 4 Mass Noun 3:59 Buy
  5. 5 Idea for Contradiction 1 2:00 Buy

    Idea for Contradiction 1

  6. 6 And Therefore the Moonlight 3:50 Buy

    And Therefore the Moonlight

  7. 7 The Last Wesbrook Lament 3:02 Buy

    The Last Wesbrook Lament

  8. 8 Discovered in Flat 3:51 Buy

    Discovered in Flat

  9. 9 Sfumato 1:12 Buy
  10. 10 Idea for Contradiction 2 4:54 Buy

    Idea for Contradiction 2

  11. 11 More Words for Mistake 2:08 Buy

    More Words for Mistake

Ian William Craig

FatCat Records

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Ambient and Modern Classical

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