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Posthuman travel deep into the Mutant City Acid, a journey through the neon-lit city streets of the freshly mapped out Mutant City Acid. From stark 303 techno to slow-motion electro, this is acid techno reimagined for cyberpunk subway dwellers...

One of the hardest working producer duos out there drops their first LP in 8 years on Balkan Vinyl. Anyone familiar with the Posthuman flex will know what they’re getting themselves into with Mutant City Acid. 303s and 909s are front and centre here, and at this point, we suspect that Posthuman are able to bang out acid house masterpieces like ‘Nightride To New Reno’ and ‘Transit System Error’ in their sleep. However, there is a distinct cyberpunk flavour to a lot of the tunes here that gives the LP a nice retro-futurist feel. It also allows the pair to subtly expand their sonic horizons - the seasick techno sound of ‘Wishmountain’ and ‘Once Was’ is an interesting new addition, and ‘Raid On Kyoto Quarter’ sounds more like a sound grab from a Hellraiser movie than a track from one of the biggest names in acid.

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  1. 1 Into Gestalt 8:14 Posthuman Buy
  2. 2 Nightride To New Reno 8:26 Posthuman Buy
  3. 3 Once Was 8:56 Posthuman Buy
  4. 4 Gods Of Technology 7:28 Posthuman Buy
  5. 5 Junk Bonds 7:33 Posthuman Buy
  6. 6 Raid On Kyoto Quarter 3:53 Posthuman Buy
  7. 7 Shellworld Industries 5:36 Posthuman Buy
  8. 8 Abaskun Control 3:16 Posthuman Buy
  9. 9 Transit System Error 7:32 Posthuman Buy
  10. 10 Wishmountain 6:27 Posthuman Buy
  11. 11 Mutant City Stories, Pt. 1 28:10 Posthuman
  12. 12 Mutant City Stories, Pt. 2 30:00 Posthuman


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