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Whisper Me Wishes
Whisper Me Wishes
DUB Recordings
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July 2007
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Kettel continues to expand and develop his lively and high quality approach to electronic music. Stuck somewhere between Plaid, Aphex and the charming melodies of Eric Satie, but with a penchant for a big dollop of cheese at times, this album is complex, melodic and good natured electronic listening music, with the brave addition of classical string instruments to the mix which freshen his sound up and take it in an interesting and satisfying new direction.

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  1. 1 Any Waken Sly Blonda 4:24 Kettel Buy
  2. 2 And Unrequited As Well 3:32 Kettel Buy
  3. 3 Zutphen 4:29 Kettel Buy
  4. 4 Now Find Another Moon 4:02 Kettel Buy
  5. 5 Twijfel Doubt Hesitation 2:25 Kettel Buy
  6. 6 De Manke Das 3:32 Kettel Buy
  7. 7 Whisper Me Wishes 1:48 Kettel Buy
  8. 8 Prarieplant 3:50 Kettel Buy
  9. 9 Blind Alleycat 2:59 Kettel Buy
  10. 10 One Foggy Ear 3:24 Kettel Buy
  11. 11 Veerooster 1:31 Kettel Buy
  12. 12 Marco's Cases 3:50 Kettel Buy
  13. 13 Coddle 4:22 Kettel Buy
  14. 14 Napels Vluchtplan 2:51 Kettel Buy


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