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8 regards obliques
Etienne Jaumet
8 regards obliques
Versatile Records
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October 2018
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Very interesting LP from Zombie Zombie’s Etienne Jaumet here. Anyone who has heard ZZ before will know of Jaumet’s penchant for fusing avant- and spiritual-jazz modes with electropop and cosmic disco. His third solo LP, 8 regards obliques, goes further down the rabbit hole than anything he has done previously. There is some serious psychedelic pizzaz to the Kraut-ish combination of sound and groove here. Jaumet’s version of Miles Davis’ ‘Shhh / Peaceful’ is particularly brain-bending.

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  1. 1 SHH Peaceful 8:09 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  2. 2 Nuclear War 3:49 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  3. 3 Unity 4:55 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  4. 4 Theme de yoyo 5:55 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  5. 5 Spiritual 9:55 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  6. 6 Caravan 4:33 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  7. 7 Theme from a Symphony 2:27 Etienne Jaumet Buy
  8. 8 Ma revelation mystique 7:32 Etienne Jaumet Buy

Etienne Jaumet

Versatile Records

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