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June 2018
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Eartheater arrives on PAN with the stunning new album Irisiri, the keenly awaited follow up to her no 1. Fact Magazine 2015 album of the year Metalepsis. A truly majestic offering of left-field pop deconstructions with a romantic, gothic sense of introspection that just hits on all the right levels. Much like Yves Tumor's incredible Serpent Music, Irisiri moves seemingly effortlessly between electronica abstraction and widely projected ideas of richly colourful, trance-inducing dimensions. The level of experimentation is high, creating a rich tapestry of fizzing electronics and discombobulated words. To listen is to fall for it each and every time you hit play.

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  1. 1 Peripheral 3:04 Eartheater Buy
  2. 2 Inclined 2:32 Eartheater Buy
  3. 3 Not Worried 2:32 Eartheater Buy
  4. 4 Inkling 2:02 Eartheater Buy
  5. 5 Inhale Baby - feat. Odwalla1221 3:02 Eartheater Buy
  6. 6 Curtains 3:00 Eartheater Buy
  7. 7 Slyly Child 2:24 Eartheater Buy
  8. 8 Switch 4:37 Eartheater Buy
  9. 9 Trespasses 4:55 Eartheater Buy
  10. 10 MMXXX - feat. Moor Mother 2:31 Eartheater Buy
  11. 11 C.L.I.T. 3:56 Eartheater Buy
  12. 12 OS In Vitro 1:46 Eartheater Buy
  13. 13 Claustra 1:46 Eartheater Buy


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