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UMC/Virgin present an outstanding and utterly essential reissue of Brian Eno's groundbreaking Music for Films. Originally released in 1978, Music For Films is a loose compilation of material recorded over a three year period between 1975 and 1978, each of its tracks giving a snapshot of the long, sprawling ambient pieces he would later become known for. Music For Films is also notable for featuring a range of compositional styles and equipment that Eno also carried over onto his work on David Bowie's 1977 album Low.

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  1. 1 M386 1:00 Brian Eno
  2. 2 Aragon 1:00 Brian Eno
  3. 3 From The Same Hill 1:00 Brian Eno
  4. 4 Inland Sea 1:00 Brian Eno
  5. 5 Two Rapid Formations 1:00 Brian Eno
  6. 6 Slow Water 1:00 Brian Eno
  7. 7 Sparrowfall 1 1:00 Brian Eno
  8. 8 Sparrowfall 2 1:00 Brian Eno
  9. 9 Sparrowfall 3 1:00 Brian Eno
  10. 10 Quartz 1:00 Brian Eno
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