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The Sound of Lumberjacks in Hell
Marcel Vogel
The Sound of Lumberjacks in Hell
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September 2018
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At this point Marcel Vogel has been running his Lumberjacks In Hell label for almost a decade. As such, a compilation surveying and celebrating what Lumberjacks In Hell has done so far feels right. Though the contributing artists here come from all over the planet and bring their own unique flair to the table, what unites the Lumberjacks In Hell sound is an ability to tap into classic Chicago house/disco moods. Seven Davis Jr., the Funk Butcher and Vogel himself are just three of the standout names on the tracklist.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Even the Stones 6:10 Giovanni Damico Buy
  2. 2 Rabbit's Foot 6:16 Beam Me Up Buy
  3. 3 Goddess 5:17 Ant La Rock Buy
  4. 4 Check the Flow 5:17 Funk Butcher Buy
  5. 5 Get to Know Me 3:33 Seven Davis Jr. Buy
  6. 6 Over 5:35 Krewcial Buy
  7. 7 Jazz-A-Nova (Oooh) 8:36 Boogie Nite Buy
  8. 8 Jared Fogle 7:28 Nachtbraker Buy
  9. 9 Ava 3:38 Harry Wolfman Buy
  10. 10 Lord I'm Trying 6:37 Tom Noble Buy
  11. 11 Neyt Life 6:44 Reece Johnson Buy
  12. 12 Outer Light 4:15 Joel Holmes Buy
  13. 13 Everyday 5:23 Jonna Buy
  14. 14 Be Good to Me 5:38 Frawl Buy
  15. 15 Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks in Hell (Continuous DJ Mix) 64:51 Marcel Vogel


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