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Mike Simonetti
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September 2018
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Written during Simonetti’s time as label head at Italians Do It Better and prior to any sort of trendy or revived interest in film score and soundtrack, the 2MR/Pale Blue member recorded the tracks we now find on ‘Solipsism’. Inspired by the high energy performances and cultivated personas of arena rock bands from the eighties, Simonetti fuses their world of sleazy power chords with the atmospheric synth selections more standardly associated with Italians Do It Better.

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  1. 1 The Edge 6:12 Mike Simonetti Buy
  2. 2 Through the Clouds 5:12 Mike Simonetti Buy
  3. 3 Solipsism 5:40 Mike Simonetti Buy
  4. 4 A Prayer for War 7:00 Mike Simonetti Buy
  5. 5 Illusions 5:45 Mike Simonetti Buy
  6. 6 Body Varial 6:42 Mike Simonetti Buy
  7. 7 Of One Mind 4:52 Mike Simonetti Buy
  8. 8 Requiem 3:43 Mike Simonetti Buy
  9. 9 Acceptance 1 6:38 Mike Simonetti Buy
  10. 10 Acceptance 2 11:29 Mike Simonetti Buy
  11. 11 Acceptance 3 5:35 Mike Simonetti Buy
  12. 12 Los Angeles 11:12 Mike Simonetti Buy

Mike Simonetti


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