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Principe Discos
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September 2018
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Half a decade on from their first release (the Ouro Oeste EP) and Niagara drop their debut LP. Given that Apologia is coming out on Principe you would be forgiven for expecting this record to be another dose of fiery Portuguese club fare of the DJ Nigga Fox/DJ Marfox school. However, Niagara are not like the rest of the label’s roster. For one thing there’s not much on Apologia that could conceivably pass for party music. Instead what we have here is a collection of nocturnal bedroom psychedelia where Principe’s orbiting styles - Batida, Kuduro, Kizomba - are more part of the record’s DNA than its guiding principles. It makes for a dreamy, welcoming listen that recalls everyone from Beautiful Swimmers to Panda Bear.

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  1. 1 França 3:55 Niagara Buy
  2. 2 6:30 7:08 Niagara Buy
  3. 3 Momento Braga 4:43 Niagara Buy
  4. 4 40 3:26 Niagara Buy
  5. 5 Senhora Do Cabo 3:47 Niagara Buy
  6. 6 2042 2:21 Niagara Buy
  7. 7 Damasco 4:58 Niagara Buy
  8. 8 Siena 7:12 Niagara Buy
  9. 9 Graffiti 1:46 Niagara Buy
  10. 10 Via Garibaldi 3:28 Niagara Buy
  11. 11 Matriz 2:20 Niagara Buy
  12. 12 Cabo Verde 6:12 Niagara Buy
  13. 13 O Astro 2:30 Niagara Buy


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