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People Like Us
Recyclopedia Britannica
Sucata Tapes
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October 2018
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A collection of electronic, experimental and sound collage songs from eccentric artist Vicki Bennett at People Like Us. A reissue from 2002, Discrepant sub-label Sucata Tapes manage the PLU cassette release this time round. Entertaining, insightful, and a cunning glimpse into the British zeitgeist of 2002, Bennett’s work succeeds because it never takes itself too seriously, prioritising comic timing and entertainment as two important characteristics of Bennett’s artistic agenda. Compared to Oval and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Another Kind Of Humor (Intro) 0:21 People Like Us Buy
  2. 2 OB & Cha Cha 2:22 People Like Us Buy
  3. 3 Guide To Broadcasting (Excerpt) 0:19 People Like Us Buy
  4. 4 Smash & Grab 3:06 People Like Us Buy
  5. 5 The Sacred Erm 2:03 People Like Us Buy
  6. 6 Sing With Melodious Inarticulate Sound? 0:45 People Like Us Buy
  7. 7 A Crossed Line (Excerpt) 0:37 People Like Us Buy
  8. 8 Clippety Carl Horse 2:46 People Like Us Buy
  9. 9 In The Panto 1:05 People Like Us Buy
  10. 10 Ursula Fahrt Ski 4:43 People Like Us Buy
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People Like Us

Sucata Tapes

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Experimental and Noise

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