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Sunshine 1
Aleksi Perala
Sunshine 1
Clone/DUB Records
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October 2018
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Aleksi Perala returns to Clone/Dub Records (Drexciya, Legowelt) with this mini-album. Sunshine 1 is a record as bright and hopeful as the title might suggest. Perala composed these positive jams to the principles of his favoured Colundi tuning system - a series of tones that are intended to resonate particularly strongly with a human’s bio-rhythms. In real terms this translates into a record of bouncy Braindance. Melodies and countermelodies flutter around the tracks, buoyed by nimble 808s and squelchy basslines. Closer ‘NL-L56-18-07385’ has a bit of a breaks thing going on too. Step forth if you’ve been enjoying the sounds of the Central Processing Unit label.

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  1. 1 NL-L56-18-07380 2:00 Aleksi Perala
  2. 2 NL-L56-18-07381 2:00 Aleksi Perala
  3. 3 NL-L56-18-07382 2:00 Aleksi Perala
  4. 4 NL-L56-18-07383 2:00 Aleksi Perala
  5. 5 NL-L56-18-07384 2:00 Aleksi Perala
  6. 6 NL-L56-18-07385 2:00 Aleksi Perala

Aleksi Perala

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