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Different voices for you. Different Colours for me. Demos 1980
Robert Rental
Different voices for you. Different Colours for me. Demos 1980
Optimo Music
Catalogue Number
OM Rental 01 D
Release Date
September 2018
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While he only released a handful of records, Robert Rental's discography is rightly so considered to be vastly important and he himself a truly pioneering electronic musician. His releases for Mute and Industrial Records both solo and with his friend and collaborator Thomas Leer are arguably some of the most enigmatic and important records to be released between the late 70's early 80s post-punk fever dream. Optimo once again delivers solid gold with these homemade recordings, written and recorded in Robert's council flat in Battersea in 1980. These are rough recordings, tape hiss still in evidence, but his creativity shines through the murk, like uncut diamonds. A vital and important chapter in DIY electronic music we urge you to become acquainted with.

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  1. 1 Big Day 3:33 Robert Rental Buy
  2. 2 Double Heart 3:20 Robert Rental Buy
  3. 3 Before Closing Doors 2:55 Robert Rental Buy
  4. 4 Radio Silence 3:07 Robert Rental Buy
  5. 5 Moving My Blue 5:04 Robert Rental Buy
  6. 6 Open Air 5:08 Robert Rental Buy
  7. 7 On Location 4:03 Robert Rental Buy

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