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Connan Mockasin
Mexican Summer
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October 12, 2018


Jassbusters is the brand new album from psychedelic-surrealist and all round RNB maverick Connan Mockasin. Landing some five years on since drizzling the syrupy sauce of his last album 'Caramel' first dissolved our minds and teeth, Jassbusters is his latest rendition of weirdly wonderful pop ballads, penned to soundtrack the 5-part melodrama Bostyn ‘n Dobsy...

When he released Caramel back in 2013, Connan Mockasin became an office stereo staple almost instantly. His gloopy melodies and oddly enchanting vocals instantly struck a chord with us on so many levels that it soon became the melted audio wallpaper for the day to day drummings of the Bleep office.

Now, for better or worse, Mr Mockasin finally returns to stalk our daydreams with Jassbusters - a quietly seductive soundtrack to a film, the context of which we will leave you to research. His trademark deep water grooves are all in place, while his buttery vocals manage to both utter sweet dalliances while also licking the inside of your ear. His seductive into squirmish charm is stronger than ever on tracks like 'Charlotte's Thong' and 'Con Conn Was Impatient', while throughout the album some seriously lounging guitar solos crop up laying to bed his soft croons. While he is obviously a very accomplished musician, his sense of humour for what he does really shines through here, track titles like 'Sexy Man' and the dialogue of ''B'nd' which will have you slightly recoiling while clicking your finger, locked into the vibe.

Having lived with and around this album for a few weeks now, we can say we are properly glad to have Connan back in our daily listening lives, bringing a softly spoken edginess that really, is all just harmless fun.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Charlotte's Thong 8:56 Buy

    Charlotte's Thong

  2. 2 Momo's 3:38 Buy


  3. 3 Last Night 5:08 Buy

    Last Night

  4. 4 You Can Do Anything 1:47 Buy

    You Can Do Anything

  5. 5 Con Conn Was Impatient 3:15 Buy

    Con Conn Was Impatient

  6. 6 B'nd 3:36 Buy


  7. 7 Sexy Man 4:06 Buy

    Sexy Man

  8. 8 Les Be Honest 4:13 Buy

    Les Be Honest

Connan Mockasin

Mexican Summer

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