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Sichten 1
Various Artists
Sichten 1
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2018

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Raster’s new Sichten series intends to examine the broad church of electronic music from as many angles as possible. Every entry will be overseen by a curator - in this case Frank Bretschneider - and come with a text in which said curator explains the thought process behind their selections. On Sichten 1, Bretschneider chooses to focus on six artists whose work ranges from abstract soundscapes to bracing club affairs. The electro-techno hybrids of Benjamin Brunn stand in stark contrast to, say, Mimocof’s Klein-esque oddities. This variation makes for a consistently interesting compilation.

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  1. 1 Transmutatsia 5:56 Zavoloka Buy
  2. 2 Love Control feat. HPRIZM 3:45 MimiCof Buy
  3. 3 Joy 4:15 Benjamin Brunn Buy
  4. 4 Horses 5:59 retina.IT Buy
  5. 5 Unfold 3:03 Mads E. Nielsen Buy
  6. 6 Untitled Percussion Loop 2:38 Mads E. Nielsen Buy
  7. 7 Spark 2:35 MimiCof Buy
  8. 8 BogusStratagem 3:35 Pierce Warnecke Buy
  9. 9 Circles 3:42 Mads E. Nielsen Buy
  10. 10 Inflame 4:33 Zavoloka Buy
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