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Sacred Bones Records
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August 2018
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Thou’s first full-length in four years drops via Sacred Bones. The Baton Rouge group are not known for taking things easy, but even by their standards, Magus is a brutal listen. Sludge metal, doom and grunge are combined to highly potent effect here. The band conjure huge waves of sound from their guitars and drums, and atop this vocalist Bryan Funck (what a name) summons a scream from the bowels of hell. There are eleven tracks here and Funck shreds his larynx on every single one of them. There is nowhere to hide on Magus - it’s a bracing, provocative and brilliant metal album.

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  1. 1 Inward 10:08 Thou Buy
  2. 2 My Brother Caliban 1:04 Thou Buy
  3. 3 Transcending Dualities 8:52 Thou Buy
  4. 4 The Changeling Prince 6:29 Thou Buy
  5. 5 Sovereign Self 10:15 Thou Buy
  6. 6 Divine Will 1:34 Thou Buy
  7. 7 The Kingdom of Meaning 9:33 Thou Buy
  8. 8 Greater Invocation of Disgust 5:59 Thou Buy
  9. 9 Elimination Rhetoric 7:53 Thou Buy
  10. 10 The Law Which Compels 2:58 Thou Buy
  11. 11 Supremacy 10:53 Thou Buy

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