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Bedouin Records
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September 7, 2018

The debut LP from Osheyack is a set of dark, ceremonial club sonics. Sadomodernism brings together several strains of hard dance fare currently popular in the clubsphere while also imbuing the final mix with an air of ritual darkness. Gabber, industrial techno, Walton’s Orientalist soundsystem beats and Fade To Mind-style riddims are all invited to the party across Sadomodernism. Anyone who enjoyed Xosar’s recent The Possessor Possesses Nothing LP (also Bedouin Records) should definitely try Osheyack out for size.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 The Body Keeps the Score 3:17 Buy

    The Body Keeps the Score

  2. 2 No featuring Milky He,Michael St.Michael 3:40 Buy

    No featuring Milky He,Michael St.Michael

  3. 3 Soiled featuring Milky He 3:51 Buy

    Soiled featuring Milky He

  4. 4 A River's Mouth 3:22 Buy
  5. 5 Split 4:09 Buy
  6. 6 Balance featuring Nahash 5:34 Buy

    Balance featuring Nahash

  7. 7 Writhe featuring Nahash 3:36 Buy

    Writhe featuring Nahash

  8. 8 With Us featuring Nahash 3:58 Buy

    With Us featuring Nahash

  9. 9 Bordertown 3:17 Buy
  10. 10 Untitled 6 4:18 Buy


Bedouin Records

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