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Inchstar Static EP
Tusken Raiders
Inchstar Static EP
Furthur Electronix
Catalogue Number
FE 007
Release Date
August 2018
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Furthur Electronix unearths four astonishingly killer tracks of tribal breakbeat mutations from Tusken Raiders, a short-lived alias from Mike Paradinas that ran between 1995 and 1999 before having to be retired due to George Lucas' lawyers becoming aware of one of the alias via the Bantha Trax EP for legendary 90's electronics label Clear.

While he was already deeply exploring the outer edge of jungle and UK hardcore, the Tusken Raiders alias saw Mike Paradinas directing us through a vortex towards an alien world of desert landscapes where the only currency was well-rinsed hardcore and jungle 12"s. The soundtrack to this nightmarish vision stepped even further out into the voids of percussive pressure and hypnotic electronics and at times the music sounded like moments of AFX's Analogue Bubblebath 4 being sampled by Muslimgauze for one of his experiments with skull crushing breakbeats.

Despite being beamed in from the distant past, these newly unearthed Tusken Raiders trax resonate with a truly frantic spirit and energy, one that when placed alongside the current wave of John T. Gast and Nkisi 12"s and the recent splattering of Dom & Roland Dubs From The Dungeons, ensures that the Inchstar Static EP is not only one of the most future-proof/future-shock 12"s you are ever gonna need, but also a vital weapon to be carried in the bag at all times while scanning the ever-growing digital shelves of the cyberpunk desert that is the hardcore continuum.

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  1. 1 Groipnol 6:50 Tusken Raiders
  2. 2 Foifol 5:09 Tusken Raiders
  3. 3 Pollygol 5:12 Tusken Raiders
  4. 4 Blolp 4:54 Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders

Furthur Electronix

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