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Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man
Lex Records
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Release Date
August 2018
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Mike clearly got the memo that 2018 was going to be his time. He’s been prolific over the past few months - Renaissance Man is his third tape in a little over a year - though when you’re on a roll like he is why would you stop? Mikes cites King Krule and Earl Sweatshirt as influences, and both of their styles shine through in Renaissance Man’s woozy beats and the MC’s chatty, confessional bars. The instrumentals are generally dusted with a little reverb, giving them a pleasant dusky glow, and the feeling of comfort is amplified by the young rapper’s ample charm on the mic. Renaissance Man by name, Renaissance Man by nature.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Negro World (Intro) 3:00 Mike Buy
  2. 2 Sidewalk Soldier 2:20 Mike Buy
  3. 3 Goliath 2:45 Mike Buy
  4. 4 Decision Tower 1:34 Mike Buy
  5. 5 Time Will Tell 1:46 Mike Buy
  6. 6 Why I'm Here 1:59 Mike Buy
  7. 7 Resistant Man 2:10 Mike Buy
  8. 8 Mother of God 3:31 Mike Buy
  9. 9 Investigate 311 Investigate 311 Investigate 311 2:11 Mike Buy
  10. 10 Peace Offerings 3:19 Mike Buy
  11. 11 For The Nation 4:16 Mike Buy
  12. 12 Rebirth 4:12 Mike Buy


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