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Don't Look Away
Alexander Tucker
Don't Look Away
Thrill Jockey
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August 2018
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Beginning his Thrill Jockey trilogy with ‘Dorwytch’ (2011) and ‘Third Mouth’ (2012) Alexander Tucker finally completes the project with the last piece of the puzzle, ‘Don’t Look Away’. One part of Grumbling Fur alongside Daniel O’Sullivan, the British songwriter presents a work of atmospheric acumen, drawing on his artistic output to reinforce the alien and transcendental context of the album. Juxtaposing conservative song composition with majestic orchestral work, ‘Don’t Look Away’ is a rich body of sound, a production of strange and diverse influences. Selecting arrangements that allow Tucker’s baritone voice to fully flourish, ‘Don’t Look Away’ offers periods of lush plucked guitar, piano loops and grand cello parts. Nik Void (of Carter Tutti Void/Factory Floor fame) features on ‘Gloops Void (Give It Up)’, which makes for an interesting collaboration starring intense warped vocals.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Objects 3:07 Alexander Tucker Buy
  2. 2 Sisters And Me 2:41 Alexander Tucker Buy
  3. 3 Visiting Again 4:27 Alexander Tucker Buy
  4. 4 Boys Names 2:04 Alexander Tucker Buy
  5. 5 The Saddest Summer 2 2:04 Alexander Tucker Buy
  6. 6 Ghost On The Ledge 2:44 Alexander Tucker Buy
  7. 7 Gloops Void (Give It Up) 5:27 Alexander Tucker Buy
  8. 8 Behind The Shoulder 3:42 Alexander Tucker Buy
  9. 9 A To Z 2:51 Alexander Tucker Buy
  10. 10 Citadel 2:52 Alexander Tucker Buy
  11. 11 Yesterday's Honey 1:57 Alexander Tucker Buy
  12. 12 ISHUONAWAYISHANAWA 4:44 Alexander Tucker Buy

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