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detritus preterit selections
Sharp Veins
detritus preterit selections
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August 2018
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A bumper collection from Sharp Veins here. detritus preterit selections continues down the path that the New York producer began to tread on 2017’s bleeds colors and puddles. Some of the tracks - ‘little worm’, ‘a third bird v1’ - are still rooted in the instrumental grime and Eski-adjacent style that characterised early releases such as Inbox Island. However, there is an abrasive, noisy edge to many of the takes here that gives the record a rough-and-ready feel. For instance the grizzly noise of ‘couldn’t sleep v1 [137]’ has few club pretensions, while ‘hi winder MENU MUSIC [85]’ is a dog-eared recording that recalls the foggy tapes of early Hype Williams.

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  1. 1 across the cfloor v2 v1 6:01 Sharp Veins Buy
  2. 2 been gone shitty mixdown 4:55 Sharp Veins Buy
  3. 3 crshed like a toad v1 3:51 Sharp Veins Buy
  4. 4 little worm 4:18 Sharp Veins Buy
  5. 5 bluest night in the garden [168] 6:01 Sharp Veins Buy
  6. 6 shallows 4:33 Sharp Veins Buy
  7. 7 hi winder MENU MUSIC [85] 8:09 Sharp Veins Buy
  8. 8 misplaced my nostalgia 4:29 Sharp Veins Buy
  9. 9 drawing 4:10 Sharp Veins Buy
  10. 10 a color fly v1 mp3 [85] 6:02 Sharp Veins Buy
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