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Ingus Baušķenieks
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July 2018

The excellent Stroom (Sonoko, Walter Verdin) release a garden of delights by Latvian artist Ingus Bauskenieks. These eleven numbers, recorded by the Dzeltenie Pastnieki member between the years of 1988 and 2011, are a charming mix of popular and experimental styles. Some of the tunes - ‘Pasaule Ir Tik Daudz Virieu Un Sievieu’, ‘Trisi, Trisi, Siksparn’, ‘Kur Tu Esi’ - combine the Balearic wistfulness of a Second Circle release with the studied trickery of Dean Blunt. Other cuts display Bauskenieks’ love of reggae and New Wave, while the likes of ‘19/10/89’ are quizzical home-taped drones. Highly unusual and highly enjoyable, this one will appeal to those who’ve enjoyed the recent Stroom reissues of Pablo’s Eye.

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  1. 1 Kur Tu Esi? 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  2. 2 Roni 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  3. 3 Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  4. 4 Lidojums Uz Sauli 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  5. 5 Jelgava 1:14 Ingus Baušķenieks
  6. 6 Majas Dzive 0:21 Ingus Baušķenieks
  7. 7 19/10/89 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  8. 8 Aizlidoja Klavas 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  9. 9 Pasaule Ir Tik Daudz Virieu Un Sievieu 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  10. 10 Meness Klajuma 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks
  11. 11 Spoki 2:00 Ingus Baušķenieks


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