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Masayoshi Fujita
Erased Tapes
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July 2018
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The first vibraphone solo album by Berlin-based Japanese artist Masayoshi Fujita is reissued on Erased Tapes, the London label championing some of contemporary music’s most interesting avant-garde and modern classical experimental musicians. Operating as eight miniature sound illustrations each depicting a natural scene evocative for either its tranquility or excitement, Fujita’s work sways from ambient, to classical, bridging simultaneous divides between jazz and folk as it goes. Created by paying exquisite attention to small and unique sound details (aluminium foil on his vibraphone, the use of a bead as a percussive element) Fujita’s album is a work of boundless beauty and quivering delights. Album highlights include ‘River’, which utilises deep and harmonic string patterns to convey the meandering serenity of flowing water.

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  1. 1 Deers 5:14 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  2. 2 Snow Storm 6:17 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  3. 3 Cloud 5:45 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  4. 4 Story of Forest 6:01 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  5. 5 Story of Waterfall I & II 11:27 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  6. 6 Swan and Morning Dews 4:16 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  7. 7 River 5:14 Masayoshi Fujita Buy
  8. 8 Memories of the Wind 3:47 Masayoshi Fujita Buy

Masayoshi Fujita

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