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Cold Shoulder
CS + Kreme
Cold Shoulder
The Trilogy Tapes
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August 2018
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After the Antipodean duo’s much-praised previous two releases on Total Stasis, Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel are back, this time with a drop on The Trilogy Tapes. The pair continues to astound with their ability to mix a wide array of influences deftly and densely, this time into two tracks of uncompromising genius. A unique take on dub, pop, electronica, shoegaze and even jazz with the inclusion of saxophone on ‘Husk’, it is hard to unpack the two tracks, which seem to operate as a dialogue between genres as much as between the two musicians. Elements of Karmel’s work in F Ingers and the duo’s association with Blackest Ever Black and HTRK continue to be present, with elements of contemporary outfit Onyx Collective recognisable on ‘Husk’.

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