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New Horizon
JK Flesh
New Horizon
Electric Deluxe
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September 2018
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Not content with making some of the heaviest metal records to ever deafen our ears, impresario bone grinder JK Flesh drops this new steady stream of stomach-churning techno for Speedy J's Electric Deluxe.

Following on from a recent murdersome 12" for fellow Electric Deluxe flesh pressers AnD's Inner Surface Music label, plus a string of smash and grab plates for Hospital Productions and Downwards, JK Flesh's new full length reimagines his hard as nails cyberpunk techno in new modes of dubwise decay. Each track stomps harder than ever in an ever falling forward motion, and while the track titles don't really give any of the game away, you can trust us when we say this is the sort of throat cutting, blood spilling techno you'd expect to hear banging the shutters and dragging down the walls within many a decent Berlin nightclub of weekends past and present.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Different Species JK Flesh 7:05 Buy
  2. 2 Super Human JK Flesh 6:26 Buy
  3. 3 External Transmission Stage JK Flesh 6:25 Buy
  4. 4 Genetics JK Flesh 6:42 Buy
  5. 5 Earlier Form of Life JK Flesh 5:44 Buy
  6. 6 Macromolecules JK Flesh 5:52 Buy
  7. 7 The Next Stage JK Flesh 6:09 Buy
  8. 8 Homo Sapiens JK Flesh 6:39 Buy

JK Flesh

Electric Deluxe

Industrial Techno

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