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All The Same Dream
KYO w/ Jeuru
All The Same Dream
Posh Isolation
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August 2018
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KYO is the collaborative project of Copenhagen-based sounds artists Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin. On their third album, ‘All The Same Dream’, they welcome vocalist Jeuru to the fold. The effect from the trio is stunning on emotive tracks like ‘Take Me Home’, which largely revolves around a spoken word monologue delivered by Jeuru in which the singer meditates on the difficulties of casual sex and the general nature of humankind, while Norrvide and Valentin support the track with sound that moves from ambient to atonal, to noise; a delicate throat singing at one point hinting at the fragility behind Jeuru’s vocal delivery. The title track is an outfit of experimental R&B, a unique gift to its listeners.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 To All My Future Lovers KYO w/ Jeuru 4:42 Buy
  2. 2 Candy KYO w/ Jeuru 6:22 Buy
  3. 3 Because Of You KYO w/ Jeuru 5:14 Buy
  4. 4 Savourless Strings KYO w/ Jeuru 3:50 Buy
  5. 5 Forever Yours KYO w/ Jeuru 1:16 Buy
  6. 6 All The Same Dream KYO w/ Jeuru 5:34 Buy
  7. 7 Take Me Home KYO w/ Jeuru 5:57 Buy

Posh Isolation

Electronic and Electronica

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