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The Trilogy Tapes
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July 2018
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Recent releases on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes have seen artists hovering on the edge of the dancefloor. Drops by Dolo Percussion, DJ Residue and J. Albert have all been built on tracks which flit in and out of the club, where grooves often lock before they can develop or deteriorate into static. However, this latest release from Philadelphia duo Metasplice is even more obtuse than that recent TTT fare. Mirvariates is strange, murky sound art in which the only remnant club sounds are twittering percussion and occasional whooshes of sub-bass. As a general rule these grainy vignettes most resemble the darkest corners of Actress’ Ghettoville.

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  1. 1 Cirrension 2:00 Metasplice
  2. 2 Teleric 2:00 Metasplice
  3. 3 Vase Weight Re-Route 2:00 Metasplice
  4. 4 Aridtaq 2:00 Metasplice
  5. 5 Subaltic Render 2:00 Metasplice
  6. 6 Irindicnt 2:00 Metasplice
  7. 7 Speculen 2:00 Metasplice


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