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Kassem Mosse debuts as DJ Residue for six tracks that really push the boundaries of what constitutes TTTechno. Very much a DIY project, 211 Circles Of Rushing Water was recorded with a moog radioshack synth & two zildjian cymbals over five days in a heatwave heavy New York apartment that had no AC. At times it sounds like the skeletal reduction of his Workshop 19 killer, stripped back and pared down to its key dub house pulse. Yet it also features some head rush noise confusions akin to the wilder moments of Coil's ELpH project if it had gone trap (!?). A very strange and compelling record that is sure to grasp the imagination, minds and rewinds of those that give it their full attention.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Blackline 2:36 DJ Residue Buy
  2. 2 Hand-Crafted Among the Stars 3:04 DJ Residue Buy
  3. 3 Do U Have Suggestions 1:59 DJ Residue Buy
  4. 4 Triple-Arched Gateway 3:25 DJ Residue Buy
  5. 5 Meditation Fee 2:24 DJ Residue Buy
  6. 6 211 Circles of Rushing Water 3:31 DJ Residue Buy
  7. 7 Combi Zooooc 2:15 DJ Residue Buy
  8. 8 Shallow Bowl 2:55 DJ Residue Buy

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