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Portrait with Firewood
R&S Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 17, 2018


Following a relatively quiet few years since his initial run of heavily heated 2nd Drop 12"s, Djrum fully locks into R&S second LP Portrait with Firewood.

Having built up a catalogue of 12”s over the years that if you were to try and attain all of them on vinyl would do some serious damage to your wallet, Djrum’s second album sees him changing direction from these widely reputed singles (ever so slightly) by putting aside the usual sampladelic approach to DNB tempo bass music, and choosing instead to turn his focus to the piano as a core starting point for nine exercises in light years ahead of the game sound design. For those wondering if this is gonna reach the heights of the too many to mention classic Djrum expansions, then fear not as this full length hook up with R&S has produced some of the most focused Djrum material to date, and for an artist whose attention to detail when it comes to crafting proper bangers is as well tuned as Djrum, you know this is gonna be a seriously deadly selection...

Setting himself the task of creating something "overwhelmingly beautiful" on Portrait with Firewood, Djrum can be seen as presenting himself as the audio equivalent of the great surrealist painters, mixing the influence and education of a lifetime spent on lock to the week in week out pirate radio and record shop wall sounds of drum & bass, garage, grime and techno, his take on this overload of audio info reframes the sounds in new and daring ways that twist familiar elements into something new and truly otherworldly.

Across the album Djrum brings a real sense of style and elegance that manages to time stretch Basic Channel dub chords, 28 Gun Bad Boy snare shots and a propa-shocka multilayer grime sound pack, while fitting it into a journey of rich with cinematic dialogue and of course, the weapon of choice for all ‘ardcore connoisseurs, the piano.

Portrait with Firewood is one of the most exploratory releases in Djrum’s catalogue yet, and as such one of the most rewarding. Just be quick before the sharks take a bite as with all his records to date, sleeping on the wax just isn't an option.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Unblocked 2:00 Buy
  2. 2 Waters Rising 6:19 Buy
  3. 3 Creature, Pt. 1 4:43 Buy

    Creature, Pt. 1

  4. 4 Creature, Pt. 2 5:39 Buy

    Creature, Pt. 2

  5. 5 Sex 8:27 Buy
  6. 6 Blue Violet 8:41 Buy
  7. 7 Sparrows 4:41 Buy
  8. 8 Showreel, Pt. 3 9:34 Buy

    Showreel, Pt. 3

  9. 9 Blood in My Mouth 3:00 Buy

    Blood in My Mouth


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