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PC Music
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August 2018
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After a few years of waiting we get the debut album from felicita. hej! is out via PC Music, and several of the cuts here fit neatly into the label’s brand of hyperreal electronic pop. The distortion that rags cuts like ‘shook’ and ‘coughing up amber’ are reminiscent of the early drops by former Felicita collaborator Sophie. Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek joins in on the eerie and ethereal ‘Marzipan’. The way ‘elena again’ manages to turn the brash synths of trance into something poignant is reminiscent of Lorenzo Senni. There are also some curveballs on the record - ‘soft power II’ and the eponymous track are both spare, beautiful piano pieces that contrast nicely with the abrasive digitalism elsewhere.

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  1. 1 hej! 2:09 felicita Buy
  2. 2 coughing up amber 4:34 felicita Buy
  3. 3 elena 1:12 felicita Buy
  4. 4 soft power I 3:07 felicita Buy
  5. 5 soft power II 5:31 felicita Buy
  6. 6 shook 2:06 felicita Buy
  7. 7 marzipan 5:21 felicita feat. Caroline Polachek Buy
  8. 8 elena again 2:14 felicita Buy
  9. 9 night soil (fade out) 2:13 felicita Buy
  10. 10 mosaic genetics 3:41 felicita Buy


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